While people have the tendency to be attracted from first sight and create first impressions, there is the saying that pertains to never judging by its cover. However, this saying might not be at all times true in all aspects. Some online statistics may show that there are some people who judge a website’s credibility through their web design. No matter how awesome the site offers but once the visitors take a look at a terrible web design, the first impression lasts and you tend to lose not just number of page visitors but potential customers.

It is primarily the reason why you need to have a good and effective web design that will draw the potential customers in. Here are three reasons why it is important for you to have good web design.

The Importance of Good Web Design

  1. First Impressions Last. While it is important for a website to have good quality and content, it is inevitable that visual appeal and site navigation drives a big influence on people’s first impression of your blog or site. Say you have the best content but embodied in a horrible web design, your content, no matter how perfectly established and crafted it is, will be rendered powerless by the design.
  2. Positive Impressions Give Higher Satisfaction. Impossible as it may sound but initial impression go a long way for some users who visit your website. What they see once they first visit your site will greatly affect how they perceive future interactions with your company. What better way to get positive impression? Have a good web design that will draw them in and entice them to conduct business transactions with you.
  3. Competition. Have you ever experienced choosing between two the same products but of different companies? This also applies for online businesses. Good web design will work wonders for your company. Imagine a user with a really big need and want for your products but frowning at your web design. What he/she might do is open other website considerations even if your company offers better products. It is not just safe to have good content but to have good web design that effectively presents what services or products you offer. Harsh as it may sound but there are millions of business sites competing with you so arm your blog/website with your best web design that will make your page visitors stick around and drop their other choices.

It is always a good web design especially in relation to professional services, that is considered valuable. In a competitive field, it will be crucial for you to make a mark and carve out a good site that will make your company stand out.

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