Due to the growing number of people engaging in website-related businesses, web designing has been an in-demand job. Web designing does not only mean the visual aspect of “designing.” In reality, web design includes more abstract elements such as navigation, information, user interface, layout, font, color, and most importantly, the planning of architecture in completing a website. All of these are combined in order to meet the goals of the owner and the designer .

Simplifying Your Web Design

Here are 5 easy tips to help you!

  1. Focus. The first and foremost tip is to focus only on essential elements. There are tons of websites which fail to remember and uphold this essential tip. We know that it is a struggle to identify which information is essential and which should not be included because everything seems to be of importance. In doing so, the page becomes a big mess of unimportant details pasted together with the important ones. What you have to do is to try and identify what needs to be focused. Always remember that your website is not a salad so try not to throw everything in it!
  2. Simplicity. It has been a general idea that the more colors you use, the more beautiful a picture will be because why only have 2 or 3 colors when you have lots of color combinations to choose from? Well this idea is wrong. In web designing, you need to limit your colors. The color will vary and depend on the web design, however, it is advisable to use only 2 to 3 colors if possible and if you do want to add more colors, make sure that you use colors that are of the same shade with your 3 main colors. That way, your website will still look elegant and simple. You wouldn’t want your website visitors to go blind from the clashing colors.

    Another tip for simplicity is to minimize the images that will go on the website. Keep your site simple and clean. Avoid putting clumps of big images that take forever to load. Instead, try and focus on the content of your website and pick a few images that will complement your content.

  3. Reducing Pages. Have fewer pages to explore and click. It’s either you get rid of unnecessary pages that you know are not needed. If you can’t reduce pages by removing, try to fuse multiple pages into one. You have to step into the visitor’s shoes when you explore the website. Try to ask yourself what would you want to know from the site or what information do you need? Then make sure that your pages facilitate what are the necessary information. You did not only give the visitors easy access and fewer places to explore, you also made your navigation menu simpler too.
  4. Readable and Professional. Try to ask yourself how many times have you clicked open a website because the font is Comic Sans or Lucida Cursive. If you ever did, did you consider such website as full of professionalism? When web designing, do not use fancy fonts. Instead, make your site as professional as it can be by using formal fonts such as Arial or Verdana.

    Another thing also is to make sure that you get the more content above the fold. Some people explore only the top part of the page and if your main content is found far below, then they surely wouldn’t have seen it. If you want an effective and readable site, make sure that your main content and the call-to-action section are located above the fold. It will help your site visitors immediately get to action if they are immediately informed before they can keep scrolling down.

  5. Fast-Loading Designs. Lastly, make sure that your website loads immediately and does not buffer or lag when someone clicks on a navigation. This is a tip that every web designer should bear in mind. You may have a fantastic web design but if it takes too long to load, fewer people will see its content. We know that most people personally hates slow-paced website loading so optimize your web designs and should not take more than 15 seconds to load. Afterall, a website is not only rated from its appearance but also by its performance.
  6. Want to be sure that you can get the right web design that would make your site more appealing and convenient? Contact us and hire your web designer now!

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